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About AreYouMobile...

AreYouMobile & Its Concept

There are so many businesses and individuals that still do not have a mobile friendly version of their desktop site although there are various options for creating one. However, the majority either require high one off costs or sizeable monthly fees. Hence the need for an affordable solution was recognized; as a result AreYouMobile was created. AreYouMobile easy specifically developed to enable individuals and businesses to create a mobile website at an affordable price.

Moreover, we aim to deliver superior results and thus we spent many months testing our wizard. Though various mobile usability tests we ensured that your new mobile site will provide an excellent user experience. Additionally, we preformed speed and load tests and thus your site will not only be fully optimized for mobile but will also comply with current SEO criteria. AreYouMobile will help you create your own fully mobile optimized website.

Finally, we understand the need for speediness required to stay competitive in the current marketplace. Thus, we strived to create a service that will be both fast and easy to use. With our easy to use wizard you will be able to design your mobile website and have it live in just 10 minutes. The process involves only 5 simple steps, and a one click installation.

AreYouMobile Founder

- John Lester, AreYouMobile Founder

The founder and CEO of AreYouMobile is John Lester. John has been in the design industry for more than 10 years; his background stems from multimedia and web/ interface design and he specializes in web and print design. John, has created various website's and was a partner in various e-commerce ventures. Apart from AreYouMobile, John is also the founder and CEO of designing4ages, a full service website building company.

"I built AreYouMobile because I hate seeing sites that haven't been optimized for mobile, some really big names just haven't "got around to doing it", but if you see the stats for mobile web browsing you'd be mad not to get your site optimized for mobile devices. On top of that several clients asked me "my site looks rubbish on mobile can you do anything?" (BTW not sites i've built). So I thought that AreYouMobile could be an affordable solutions to that very question."